The Beginning – Part 1: Birthday Celebration!

29 Jul

I LOVE sweets. That’s a fact. As a result, I love to bake. Another fact.

Last summer this confections adventure began when I offered to make cupcakes for two of my best friend’s birthdays, which happen to fall a day apart.

I’ve made cakes and various other sweet treats from scratch before, but I wanted to put together something special. I took my task seriously. I knew I wanted to offer options – in cupcake base, frosting and toppings. I researched recipes, sketched out some combinations and got to it.

I literally spent all day baking and it was, easily, one of the best days I had all summer. Turns out you should test recipes before the actual day of the event (who knew a vanilla cupcake recipe could taste like a corn muffin?!), but it was a lesson learned and, after an extra batch or two, everything came together.

I have since changed most of my recipes – in fact the only recipes I use from this first day are the peanut butter frosting and the chocolate cupcake – but it was a great way to start. I realized a failed attempt isn’t the end of the world. Even if you like one recipe, try another, it just might be better. Above all else, don’t be a afraid to tweak things.

These birthday cupcakes confirmed my love for baking…


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