The Beginning – Part 3: Oh, boy!

1 Aug

My best friend, Jess, had a baby boy last December.  He is now my godson and the main man in my life –  we both couldn’t be happier!

Anyway, in October I hosted her baby shower.  I had a vision – shades of blues, flickering paper lanterns, toys for centerpieces and food.  Delicious food.  Together it would be clean, crisp and my visionary dream come true.

With my recent baking escapades, I knew the dessert table had to be perfect – not to mention that Jess is a fellow lover of sweets!  Since one of her personal favorites is s’mores (she once ate 7 in a single campfire sitting), I started there.  After testing out a couple of recipes (none of which I loved), I decided on a graham cracker cupcake base, slathered with milk chocolate ganache and topped with slightly toasted mini marshmallows.  Delicious and reminiscent – lovely combination!

Besides the cupcakes, I wanted the dessert table to include onesie cookies.  I couldn’t find anything I liked online, so I figure I’d just make them.  Since I had never made rolled sugar cookies, I set out to find the perfect recipe – firm enough to decorate, soft and chewy texture, great flavor.  Well, easier said than done.

Two months and six recipes later – I had it!  An almond sugar cookie, perfect for decorating and actually good enough to eat.

That decorating part, though. I wasn’t exactly sure where to begin.  So I researched.  And thankfully came across two of the greats – Bridget and Annie.  By reading copious amounts of blog postings, I was ready to tackle those onesies.

At the time, I loved all of them.  I was so proud that I pulled off decorated sugar cookies (did I mentioned I didn’t actually test run the decorating part before the big event?  I never learn).  They were a big hit.

Now, of course, I look at them and shutter a bit.  The icing was thinned too much, my piping isn’t straight, some of my designs are erratic.  But they still hold a special place in my heart.  Plus, it’s always nice to see where it began.

This confirmed my passion for baking and forced me to acknowledge baking as my art form…


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