Flavor Focus: Kissed by the Orange Sun

18 Aug

Grandma used to make an orange bundt cake that was a summertime family favorite.  For simplicity sake, she used a boxed cake (sorry Grandma, the secret’s out!), added orange juice in lieu of the water and baked.  For the frosting, she made a homemade orange buttercream that incorporated orange juice, orange rind and the other usual suspects – 10X sugar (as Grandma calls it) and butter.

As a nod to Grandma’s original creation, and as a way for the rest of us to enjoy this old favorite, I set out to make a cupcake version (from scratch, of course!).

My orange buttercream, the star of this cupcake, gets the fresh, sweet and tangy flavor from the fresh squeezed orange juice and the orange rind, just like Grandma’s.  Mine also has a bit of honey (surprise!), which not only adds a bit of natural sweetness, but also helps with the light and fluffy consistency.  This sits on top of my classic vanilla bean cupcake – the perfect pairing.

As one recent taster noted,  this could be eaten for breakfast.  Go ahead, no one’s going to tell!

Perfect Pairing: summer time cookout, pool party, girl’s luncheon, brunch treat


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