Flavor Focus: Banana Chocolate Chip

15 Sep

My mom LOVES bananas.  She eats one just about every day.  In fact, she fed me so many when I was little that I went on a banana hiatus from the age of twelve until seventeen.

I have, however, always eaten banana bread.  I love the moistness, the sweetness and the subtlety of the banana flavor.  And, quite honestly, when chocolate chips are added, there’s no stopping me!  And so you have the inspiration for my new Banana Chocolate Chip cupcake.

For the base, I went with traditional banana bread.  While I tweaked my normal banana bread recipe a bit to reduce the denseness (dense sweet bread = good; dense cupcake = not so good), I made sure to maintain the flavor and moistness.  I then added mini chocolate chips to ensure you got a little in each and every bite.

As for the frosting… well, what goes best with bananas and chocolate?  Peanut butter, of course!  So to top it all off is my peanut butter frosting.

Interestingly enough, my mom – a banana fanatic – does not typically like banana bread (I know, we defy all logic).  I didn’t even think she would taste this cupcake.  But as a supportive mother, she did and… LOVED them.  What more can I say?

Perfect pairing: circus party, Elvis tribute, after school surprise snack, picnic treat


2 Responses to “Flavor Focus: Banana Chocolate Chip”

  1. Pam Denney November 4, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    I think I need some of these for my husband, the Elvis freak!

  2. Emily January 17, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    Ah, Elvis 🙂

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