Baking is a Science

28 Sep

Everyone knows baking is more exact than cooking, which means you must follow the recipe exactly.  One small misstep could be a disaster.

True confession – I don’t really believe this.  Or, at least I didn’t until Saturday.

See, I’ve been baking for years.  And sometimes, I don’t let the butter come to room temperature (what?!).  Sometimes, I don’t beat for a full 5 minutes (no?!).  Sometimes, I add the dry ingredients all at once (crazy?!).  The key, I realized, is that I still add the ingredients in the proper order (aha!).

On Saturday, I failed at the ingredient order.  Somehow I forgot to add the sugar.  I know, a pretty key ingredient for a batch of cupcakes.  Luckily, I tasted the batter (something I always do, and thankfully so!) and realized it didn’t taste quite right.  So I went a head and just added the sugar.  It couldn’t make that much of a difference, right?  Wrong.

These misstep cupcakes were much more dense (see picture to the right) than my normal vanilla cupcakes.  And, oddly enough, pulled away from the cupcake liners.  So, I moved on to round two, which I am happy to report came out perfectly (these went out for delivery, so I didn’t get a picture of the delicate, light cupcake).

Moral of the story, baking is a science.  Order does matter.  And even the Kristina’s Confections kitchen has a baking disaster now and then!


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