All Tangled Up

8 Oct

Halloween cookie number two… Spooky Spider Webs.

When preparing for this year’s Halloween collection, I figured I had to offer at least one of the Halloween trifecta – spider, bat or black cat.  And when put in that company, the surprising winner (to me at least) is spider.  I know.  Who would have thought.  (As a side note, the major loser in this group is bat.  I literally shutter when thinking about bats.  Yup, just shuttered again.)

Anyway, despite spiders being creepy, crawly and, well, just plain gross, I figure I have to appease the people.

Orange Web

Black Web

Purple Web

Besides, when the spiders are on these fabulous (and oh so realistic) webs, I guess they aren’t so bad.


One Response to “All Tangled Up”

  1. don fierstein October 19, 2010 at 10:03 am #


    Keep up the hard work. Your imagination and creativity – are great! Can’t make it to your open house – kids activities are in full swing. Also, the final home football game of the year is Oct. 29th. It’s Senior Night – before the game the senior football players walk on to the field with parents and siblings. Hope you and your mom can make it.



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