Don’t Hate Me…

12 Nov

I know posts have been sparse this week.  I have some good reasons:

(1) My best friend, Jess, and my adorable, fun, sweet godson, Mr. C, have been here all week.  We’ve been out and about a bit, having some fun.  And Mr. C is just too darn cute to focus on anything but playing peek-a-boo, singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and trotting around the backyard.  I think I have him almost convinced to stay with Aunt Kristina forever.

Jess and me during my August visit to Vermont

(2) I am a luck girl because Jess and Mr. C are very happy to lend a helping hand in the kitchen since… we are in the home stretch of Open House preparations.  The daily schedule has been set.  The oven is on from morning to night.  The cookie sheets, the mixers and the measuring cups are in a constant rotation.  No rest for the weary here.  We are at full speed and can’t wait until Sunday.  (And then we can’t wait until bedtime on Sunday!)

Preparations for Sunday...

All of this means I have had very little time to write.  I know.  If I were a good little blogger I would have prepared for this last week and had everything scheduled so you didn’t even know I was off, dancing around the house with an 11 month old.  But, that didn’t happen.  Sorry to disappoint.

So, now you are just going to have to wait until next week for a new Fresh Baked Friday and more fun posts.  I promise.  Your patience will be rewarded.

Happy weekend.  I hope to see you Sunday!!!


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