Mini Mini

11 Jan

On Saturday night my friend Ann had a bunch of us over for dinner.  Ann LOVES (and I mean LOVES) Christmas and all things Christmas.  This was one last chance to sit in the presence of glorious Christmas decorations, eat some food, chat with some friends and drink magnums of vino.  What can be wrong with a night like that?

Anyway, I offered to make dessert and, despite the Mexican dinner menu, decided on an assortment of mini desserts.  Dinner and dessert don’t really have to match, right?

My plan:  use items I had on hand.  After assessing the pantry and a couple of Google searches, I decided on gingerbread latte cake balls, Oreo truffle balls, mini magic bars and chocolate chip cookie cupcakes.  Yum!First things first – gingerbread latte cake balls.

Right before Christmas I was working on a jumbo cupcake order.  Well, I got a little too excited and overfilled the first batch of gingerbread cupcakes.

Despite appearances, they tasted good.  So I went ahead and threw them in the freezer for later use.  I figured they would be perfect for cake balls, made famous by the clever Bakerella.

Mini dessert night was just the time.

I crumbled up the cupcakes and added my vanilla latte buttercream (a usual pairing).

I mixed until it came together.  As Bakerella notes, you want it moist but not gooey.

Then I shaped them – some into Christmas trees (I was trying to be fancy) and some into regular balls.

After some time in the fridge, I dipped them in white chocolate.  A little extra drizzle and voila!

I need to work on them a little, but I think for the first try, it went pretty well.

Plus, I discovered a couple of things:

  • When crumbling the cake, you can use a food processor.  I didn’t feel like getting it out though (yes, lazy!).  Instead, I used a pastry cutter.  Worked like a charm.
  • At least for white chocolate, the chips don’t work very well for dipping.  Better bet is to go with candy melts (you can buy these at a craft store).  Next time I’ll try white chocolate bars, but definitely not the chips.

If you want to give cake balls a try, take a peak at Bakerella’s recipe and read through some of her tips.  And let me know how it goes!

Stay tuned for Oreo truffle balls (pictured on the right, next to the gingerbread latte cake balls).



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