Custom Cuts: Will You Stand By Me?

24 Jan

My friend, Des, recently got engaged and was looking for a fun way to ask her bridesmaids to be in the wedding.  She came across a sugar cookie and asked if I could do something similar.

Obviously I said, “Sure!  I would love to.”  Planning and ideas immediately began flooding my brain.

I worked on some examples and sent them her way.  In the end, we decided on a black dress with simple details – a white sash with a small “pearl” and a black ruche to add some interest.

Simple, classic and elegant.  I mean, no one wants to create a bridesmaid disaster dress – even in cookie form!

I knew we needed to add something to the cookie that indicated who the cookie was actually from (small detail!).  Des came up with:

Save the Date
Desiree & Ralph

I thought it was a great idea.  I love how it wasn’t sappy, rather a cute nudge to who was sending it.

The final touch was wrapping the mailer (aka the box, which I found here) with a ribbon and a custom made tag.

And by custom made, I mean one that I whipped up using none other than Pages.  Nope, no fancy shmancy program here.

I thought they turned out great and hope Des and her bridesmaids loved them too.  And the concept could be used for so many things – to tell parents of a pregnancy, to invite guests to a small dinner party, to wish a friend “Happy Birthday!”  The list goes on and on.

Thanks Des for asking me to work on this… it was so much fun!


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