Custom Cuts: Soon To Say “I Do!”

15 Feb

Last week, my longtime friend, and one of my biggest supporters, Gillian, contacted me for two custom cut orders.  The first was for a co-worker who got engaged over the weekend.

We hemmed.  We hawed.  And we came up with hearts – it seemed apropos with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

Since the bride-to-be is from North Carolina, we decided Carolina blue (er, in royal icing world that equals light blue) with white hearts.

Gillian then asked me to add a line on each of the cookies from the the “Something old/Something new” adage.  A cookie with “I Do!” and “Congrats!” gave it the prefect touch of personalization.

So, here’s a secret – I don’t even like hearts (gasp!).  Hey, at least I waited to break that bit of news until the day after Valentine’s day!  That said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design for these cookies.  So simple, yet playful.

Kudos to Gillian for the idea!  I hope they looked just like you envisioned.


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