It’s Raining… Babies!

21 Feb

Is it just me or is it raining babies these days?

So many friends of mine are pregnant.  And then there are friends of friends and co-workers of friends… all preggers.  Somethin’ is in the water people!

It’s crazy.  And it means I have been churning out onesies like you wouldn’t believe.

These darling onesies are part two of my friend Gillian’s order from a couple of weeks ago.  Her co-worker found out she is having a baby girl and Gillian wanted to surprise her with these cookies.

Gillian’s brilliant eye came through once again – I love (LOVE) the pink, orange and white palette.  Preppy, yet modern.

And we are not done people.  Stay tuned.  It’s onesie week galore!


One Response to “It’s Raining… Babies!”

  1. February 21, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    I think I’d rather have wine in that bag than onesie cookies, but the design is very cute indeed!

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