Custom Cuts: Anchors Away

21 Mar

As you read this, I’m probably sipping a cup of coffee, chatting with my best friend and playing a rousing game of peek-a-boo with my Godson.  But, look at this.  I’ve been a good blogger this week and have scheduled what I hope is some good reads for you all.  Enjoy!

Bridal shower two.  Liz contacted me to see if I could do some anchors for a bridal shower she was throwing.  Of course!

Well, turns out these babies were a bit more challenging than I anticipated.

First, I had to find a cookie cutter that I liked.  If you do a quick Google search, you too will discover a plethora of pretty terrible anchor cookie cutters.

But I was determined and finally found one.  Step one complete.

Then I went to work on a mock-up.  Well, my perfect anchor cookie cutter turned out to be a nightmare.  The details were so intricate that it was nearly impossible to cut it and transfer it to the cookie sheet without it turning into a tangled anchor mess.

Step two complete, but failed.  Blah!

So, I did a little thinking.  Yes, it happens now and then.

And it hit me.  Instead of using the anchor as the cutter, I could use it as a stamp.

The cookies became large rounds and the anchor became the design.

Voila!  It’s amazing what a little thinking will do.


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