Custom Cuts: 30th Birthday Boy

28 Apr

Yesterday, I focused on the fact that I turned 30 this weekend.  I have details and food and a few DIY projects to show you, but I’m still easing into this whole “I’m 30!  Yay!” thing. 

You know what’s a lot easier?  Talking about other people who are 30!

So let’s start with these cookies, a 30th birthday surprise.

I had a lot of freedom when it came to color and design.  I settled on a modern masculine color palette (or at least that’s what I think blues and oranges are) and some traditional birthday icons – candles, balloons, cakes.  You know all those things that just made your 5th birthday.

And, the way I see it, these same items should make your 30th birthday great.  Because 30 is certainly not too old for balloons and candle.  Really, is any age?


One Response to “Custom Cuts: 30th Birthday Boy”

  1. paddle attachment May 1, 2011 at 12:23 am #

    I’m with ya on the blue and orange palette. It’s ageless. The cookies look great! I especially like the party hat and blue polka dot cake.

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