Farmers’ Market… Opening Day

4 May

This past weekend was the opening of the Annapolis Farmers’ Market.  

Mom was so excited she stood next to my bed at 7:50 (in the morning), grinning from ear to ear and bouncing slightly.  Now, I’m not a morning person per say, so I tried to give her a smile and to show a little enthusiasm.  I knew this was her day.  Her special day.

A few short minutes later we were off.

Since it’s the beginning of the season, some of our favorite vendors weren’t there (here’s looking at you Peach Guy and, yes, that is in fact what we call him).  But we got our bread, rosemary, lettuce (fresh lettuce!!!  eek!), asparagus, eggs and spring onions (for Granddad).  Our bags were full and we were heading back home.

That’s right.  20 minutes of pure ecstasy.

The excitement wasn’t over, yet, though.  The best part of Farmers’ Market Sunday?  Well, Sunday brunch of course.  This week’s menu was scrambled duck eggs (seriously delicious and worth the extraordinarily high caloric count) with rosemary, a blueberry muffin (from The Bread Ovens at Quail Creek Farm) and cantaloupe (leftover from my birthday).

Pure bliss.


One Response to “Farmers’ Market… Opening Day”

  1. May 5, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    And just to add to the wonderful health side of duck eggs, they have twice the RDA for cholesterol in one egg!

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