Canning Season has Begun!

31 May

First up?  Strawberry jam.  And, I have to say, for our first go at strawberry jam, we nailed it.  Er, canned it.  Anyway, the jam is not too sweet, great consistency and tons of strawberry pieces.  Just the way I like it!

Now, we did spend almost 3 hours in the car for an hour of strawberry picking, but what else would you expect with DC traffic?

And who knew two people could pick more than 22 pounds of strawberries in less than an hour.  Have I ever mentioned Mom and I have a bit of a competitive side?  She says it’s with nature, I say it’s with each other.  You decide.  

In any event, we have a dozen jars (okay, there were 14, but we already opened one and gave another one to the g-rents… we couldn’t resist) and plenty of strawberries for the coming months.  Who knew 22 pounds would go so far?!

So, ask us to come stay for a weekend.  We’ll bring you jam… and some bread too.  Oh, right, and a sweet treat too!



One Response to “Canning Season has Begun!”

  1. marymac May 31, 2011 at 7:52 am #

    You are welcome to chicago anytime!!! Just bring the jam!!!

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