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Custom Cuts: A Little Spring for Japan

20 Apr

When I saw a request from Madison, of Espresso and Cream, for donations for an online bake sale to benefit disaster relief in Japan, I jumped at the chance.  

Seeing images from disasters such as Japan and Haiti is such a humbling experience.  Such a reminder of how lucky I am.  Donating a dozen cookies is the very least I could do to help.

While the cause might be a difficult subject matter, I figured the cookies could still be fun.  So I went with something cheerful and springy.   

These are the final design, which I actually sent to the bidders son and daughter-in-law (how sweet?!).  I think it was a success on all levels.  What about you?


A Little Help for Our Friends

22 Mar

Checking in from sunny Vermont.  Ha!  I wish.  Yesterday it snowed 3 inches.  Snowed on the first day of Spring.  Crazy, right?!

Just wanted to let you all know I am participating in a Virtual Bake Sale to help the victims of the tragedy in Japan.  Madison from Espresso and Cream organized this delicious way to help a wonderful cause.

Be sure to take a look and, please, please, please consider bidding.  It’s really a win-win.  You donate to much needed cause… and in turn you get a sweet treat!


Christmas in April

27 Sep

I am a huge proponent of community service (as I hope everyone is!) and have done various projects over the years, from tutoring to visiting nursing homes to building houses.  I get it rightfully so.  My mom has volunteered for everything from cooking for the homeless to crocheting blankets for ill children.

For nearly a decade, Mom also has been involved with Christmas in April * Prince George’s County.  As you can imagine, the financial need of non-profits is highest during a recession.  Unfortunately, a recession means donations are down… considerably.

This was the very topic during a recent discussion my mom had with a Christmas in April staff member.  Luckily, my mom thought I could help out in my own way.  She offered a Kristina’s Confections basket for the upcoming Christmas in April fundraiser – a golf tournament and silent auction.  I was more than happy to donate a basket for such an amazing cause.

For the basket, I had to do some personalized sugar cookies.  Houses were a given.

Don’t you just want to live in one of these?  I like to think these are happy little cottages.

I added a couple dozen Grandma’s Cookies, for good measure.

And voila, the basket was complete!  (Sorry, not the best picture.  It was late.  Trust me, it looked nice and full.)

The Christmas in April fundraiser takes place today.  I hope it is a resounding success… and that my little basket does it’s little part.

And to you friends, I encourage you to donate – however, you can, big or small – to your favorite charity.  There is always a need, but I promise you the need is so much greater right now.  Every bit helps!

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