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Say Happy Birthday to Mikey!

16 Mar

This is Mikey.  Well, this is Mikey a few years ago.  Now he’s “Mike” (although, not to me), has a beard and can legally drink.

Mikey’s like my little brother.  His parents, Mark and Kathy (an avid reader and supporter of Kristina’s Confections… hi, Kath!) are my mom’s best friends from high school.  We’re all part of a village.  One big, crazy, fun, supportive, loving village.  Did I mention crazy?

Anyway, this picture was taken back during a time when Mikey wouldn’t leave the house without his “blankie”, which, I should mention, was little more than lint from the dryer (yes, it was that worn).

Just a few years later, this adorable little boy would visit me at Villanova (with Mom and Kathy) and would learn about “the vault” – nuggets of knowledge (read: harmless secrets, but secrets nonetheless) that must never be discussed.  Mikey is still one of the best vault keepers around.

Now, Mikey is in college, probably creating his own “in the vault” memories.  But that’s not for me to discuss.

Boy, time flies.

And another year has passed for Mikey, whose birthday was this past Sunday.  Don’t worry, I Facebook messaged him.  And sent him these treats.  Which should be arriving sometime this afternoon.  Surprise, Mikey!

Hope you had a great, wonderful, fantastic, fun-filled birthday!  xo

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