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The Times They are a Changin’

27 May

You might have noticed… I’ve been a bit MIA lately.  

It started with the trip to Charleston.  Then it was some orders.  Then it was helping prep for a bridal shower.  But you want to know the real reason?

I’m going back to school.  Yup, it’s true.  Yikes!

In just about two week, I’ll start graduate school.  Officially.  Full-time.  Working towards a Masters in Education.

So, these days I’ve been working on a pre-req for a geometry class.  And since I haven’t taken a math class in nearly ten years (double yikes!), it’s been interesting.

What’s that mean for you all.  That’s what you really want to know, right?

My plan is to keep going with the blog.  Can’t disappoint the fans!  

But, I will be makin’ some changes.  Changin’ to what?  Well, that’s still to be seen.

I’m thinking more food, more sweets, more treats… meaning more recipes.  But, it also means less posts.

Hopefully, you all will stick with me.  Let me know what you want to see, what you think of the changes.  I love hearing from you all and really appreciate the support… past, present and future!


Back to Reality

18 May

Much to my chagrin, I’m back from Charleston.  


It was an amazing weekend… filled with great food, delicious drinks, fun activities, charming people and beautiful sites.  

The icing on the cake?  My mom’s two best friends surprised me for the trip.  It was fabulous, especially because I LOVE surprises.  Job well done, ladies, job well done.


Thanks for all the suggestions!  I’m not sure we left a stone unturned in Charleston.  And don’t worry, I got my hushpuppies.

Flying South

11 May

Mom and I are heading to Charleston, South Carolina for a four-day getaway this weekend.  It’s my official 30th birthday present.  Pretty awesome since my 21st birthday present was a belt from TJMaxx.  Not that I’m complaining (and I’ll save Mom the trouble – “You were in London for the semester.  That was your present!”).

This will be Mom’s first trip to Charleston, my third.  If you’ve ever been, though, you know it’s a lovely city that never gets old.  I think we are equally excited to explore a little, to relax a lot and to take in the Southern charm.

The last time I was there was more than four years ago.  So while I know to look for some good shrimp and grits (can’t get enough), a tree covered in Spanish moss and friendly Southerners, I love hearing about new places to eat, things to do and spots for an afternoon cocktail. 

Suggestions for not to miss spots?  I’d love to hear them!

Party Central Recovery

27 Apr

Well, it’s official.  I have entered a new decade.  I officially have to check the 30 – 35 box when answering surveys.

And, so far, 30 has been… exhausting!  But, I don’t think I can attribute it to the age.  No, I think it’s leftover from Party Prep turned Party Central.

I’ll be posting a lot of the details about the party in the coming days, but I’m happy to report it was a huge success.  Tons of people, lots of laughs and really good eats.  

I could not have asked for anything more to ring-in this new chapter!

Party Prep Central

18 Apr

I know, I know.  So behind.  No Fresh Baked Friday on Friday.  No witty post today.

Why do you even come back?

But stick with me.  Right now, I’m in the midst of party prep central (more details coming on that).  And, I promise, Fresh Baked Friday, er we’ll call it Fresh Baked Monday this week, will be posted later today.

Thanks for your patience.

Oh, you want a little preview?  Okay, here you go…

Readable in Readers

22 Feb

Just as an FYI – if you use a feed reader, such as Google or FeedDemon, Kristina’s Confections now will (well, should) show up with the correct title and all.

It took a little work on my end.  Turns out writing computer jargon is not as easy as baking cupcakes or decorating sugar cookies.  Well, at least not for this girl.

Anyway, go ahead.  You know you want.  Subscribe!!!

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Sorry for delay.  It took me a while to recover from our gigantic meal.  The pie put me over the edge. No really.  Over. The. Edge.

We changed it up a bit this year in our family.  Okay, I changed it up.  I felt we were all old enough (the youngest is now nine) to have one table, to have an actual table setting and to eat at the same time.  With such a crowd and such an age range, we used to sit in various rooms – wherever you could find a seat – rush through a quick grace and eat at lighting speed.  And Grandma ate after we were all nearly finished (by her own choosing, but still).  Well, no longer.

This year I started the change, keeping it simple and organic.

These small flower arrangements were spaced along the table.  I forget where I first saw this idea, but I LOVED it and so did everyone else.  It’s simple, fall-colored flowers in empty pumpkin cans.  Love.

For the place mats, Mom and I cut natural and chocolate brown burlap, which you can find at any fabric store.  We then stamped “Thanksgiving” words along the edge.  For the brown burlap we used gold ink and for the natural burlap we used dark brown.

The last touch was using my leaf cookies as place cards.  The top one is for me and the bottom is for my youngest cousin Michael.  Oldest and youngest grandchildren.  Awww.  Didn’t even mean to do that.

Anyway,  the cookie place cards were actually the only contribution I made to dessert.  Odd, right?!

In any event, I wish you the happiest (belated) Thanksgiving from our table to yours!

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