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Custom Cuts: A Little Birdie Told Me

4 Apr

I have to say, I think these are some of my favorite cookies I’ve made to date.

My friend Ann emailed me to do some cookies to welcome a friend’s new baby girl.  She was open to whatever, but passed along the link to the bedding, thinking it was springy.

I took one look and was sold.

That’s right, these are based on the bedding in the nursery.  Cute, right?

I love the preppy, yet folksy feel of the birds.  And, like Ann said, the springy feel is perfect for these cool spring days.

A little “welcome” cookie rounded out the dozen.

Hopefully Mom and Dad enjoyed eating these as much as I loved making them!


Love Your Baby Girl

8 Sep

This time last year, it seemed like everyone I knew was having baby boys.  I was just itching to work on some girl onesies  and FINALLY got the chance when my friend Terry had her daughter Stella (LOVE the name!).

I went with a more modern color palette – chocolate brown, light pink and white – and designs that stayed true to little girls everywhere.

Polka Dot - a classic that is particularly adorable on people under four feet tall

Aloha - because a girl has to start dreaming big early

Cupcake Cutie - two sweet things in one

I wanted to be sure to properly welcome Stella, so I included this in the package as well.  Along with my favorite book, Madeleine

Welcome to the world Stella… can’t wait to meet you!!!

PS – Be sure to check out Terry’s design studio Curious & Company.  They do some incredible work!

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