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Celebrating Emily… and Salter!

23 Sep

My friend Ann hosted a baby shower this weekend for her lovely cousin, Emily, who is expecting John Salter at the end of October.

There wasn’t exactly a theme for the shower, but, if you know Emily, you know “beachy preppy” pretty much embodies every fiber of who she is and who Salter will be.  She has even declared that navy will be Salter’s signature color (who knew babies had signature colors these days?!).

Anyway, the lunch spread was delicious – Ann made homemade chicken salad, shrimp salad, egg salad and orzo salad.  And she bought delicious rolls.  Really delicious rolls (I love bread, so it was worth noting).  It was a perfect combination for a Sunday afternoon.

As for dessert, Ann asked me to make carrot cake  minis (Emily doesn’t like chocolate… I know, what?) and some sugar cookies.  Ann and I discussed a couple of different designs, but after seeing these anchor coasters Ann bought for the shower, I thought they would be great on large medallions.  Ann suggested a monogram (obviously) and so it was set:

And since it was a baby shower, the good ol’ onesie had to make an appearance.  Again, working off the coasters, I decided on these:

Simple. And definitely beachy preppy.

Now the wait is on for the little guy to make his big debut!!!

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