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Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Sorry for delay.  It took me a while to recover from our gigantic meal.  The pie put me over the edge. No really.  Over. The. Edge.

We changed it up a bit this year in our family.  Okay, I changed it up.  I felt we were all old enough (the youngest is now nine) to have one table, to have an actual table setting and to eat at the same time.  With such a crowd and such an age range, we used to sit in various rooms – wherever you could find a seat – rush through a quick grace and eat at lighting speed.  And Grandma ate after we were all nearly finished (by her own choosing, but still).  Well, no longer.

This year I started the change, keeping it simple and organic.

These small flower arrangements were spaced along the table.  I forget where I first saw this idea, but I LOVED it and so did everyone else.  It’s simple, fall-colored flowers in empty pumpkin cans.  Love.

For the place mats, Mom and I cut natural and chocolate brown burlap, which you can find at any fabric store.  We then stamped “Thanksgiving” words along the edge.  For the brown burlap we used gold ink and for the natural burlap we used dark brown.

The last touch was using my leaf cookies as place cards.  The top one is for me and the bottom is for my youngest cousin Michael.  Oldest and youngest grandchildren.  Awww.  Didn’t even mean to do that.

Anyway,  the cookie place cards were actually the only contribution I made to dessert.  Odd, right?!

In any event, I wish you the happiest (belated) Thanksgiving from our table to yours!


Last call!!!

17 Nov

Don’t forget, today is the last day to place those Thanksgiving cookie orders.  If you have not already done so, use the contact form to let me know what you will need!

And stay tuned… the Christmas collection is coming soon!!!

Flavor Focus: Gingerbread Latte

1 Nov

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge ginger person.  I pass on the pickled ginger when I eat sushi.  I don’t think crystallized ginger is a candy substitute.  And I’ll take pumpkin bread over gingerbread any day of the week.

But I know I am not America and people love gingerbread (and all things ginger related).  My grandfather loves gingerbread, a fact I only recently learned.  I have a friend who waits all year long for gingerbread latte season.  And I know there are a lot more folks like them out there.

I thought it fitting that I work on something for the ginger lovers out there.  And I’m excited to introduce… gingerbread latte.

A ginger spice cupcake topped with a vanilla cream cheese latte frosting.  The result is a perfectly warm winter treat.  Just in time for this cold weather.  Just in time for the holiday season.

This just might change my opinion on ginger.

Perfect pairing: post holiday shopping, Christmas brunch, après-ski

Gobble, Gobble

27 Oct

Do you have a vegetarian in your family?  Someone who doesn’t like poultry?  Yeah, me too (hi Mom!).  Well, Kristina’s Confections has a solution – sugar cookie turkeys.  Everyone can eat them!

I think they are pretty cute.  Well, as cute as turkeys can be.  I love the little polka dot tails.

Speaking of, as I’m sure you noticed, the design for the 2010 Thanksgiving collection is polka dots.  Yes, I know, I use polka dots a lot.  But I think these designs are fun and festive.  Hopefully you agree.

So there you go.  You have now seen the Thanksgiving collection.  What to do with them?  Well, there are a ton of options – place cards for dinner, favors for guests, a dessert platter addition, “thank you” for a teacher, surprise for family far away.  The possibilities are endless!

Be sure to get those orders in early… and no later than November 17!

It’s Acorn-y Kind of Day

26 Oct

Okay, I couldn’t come up with a title for this post… so my mom did.  Wordsmith she is not.

On Friday, I posted about the first Thanksgiving cookies for 2010 – leaves.  And where there are leaves, there are… acorns!  And so you have cookie number two in this year’s fall holiday collection.

I actually searched and searched for this cookie cutter after seeing some cute designs on other blogs.  But, as it goes, some were too small, others oddly shaped.

Then, when I was in Vermont earlier this year, I found it.  The perfect acorn cookie cutter.

I think it was meant to be.

Pile of Leaves

22 Oct

I know.  You have been waiting since September 14 to see the final product.  The torture.  The agony.

But guess what?  It’s here!

Since you have waited so patiently for weeks and weeks and weeks.  Oh, sorry.  Here you go!

This is the first of my 2010 Thanksgiving collection.  Although, these leaves clearly can work for any fall occasion.  Be sure to check back to see the rest of the collection.  I promise, I won’t make you wait weeks and weeks this time!

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