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They Say It’s Your Birthday!

4 Oct

Two of my favorite people had their birthdays on Friday – my Granddad and my best friend Jess (she gets a lot of publicity on this blog).  Don’t worry.  I didn’t forget.  Granddad got a phone call.  Two in fact.  Jess got a text and a Facebook message.  I know, so very personal.

But, I couldn’t ruin the big surprise.  Instead of sending a card (boring), I sent Jess some birthday cookies.  Surprise!

In the package, there was:

A birthday banner.  Just to make sure there was no confusion as to the occasion.

A birthday cake.  I hope she made a good wish on those candles. (Loving those little things.)

Another birthday cake.  This one is fancy and topped off with her age.  Me?  Oh, no.  I’m not 29.  Jess has a husband and a son and a house and two dogs.  She’s much older than me.  (And now I might need to take applications for a new friend.)

A little party hat.  Cause every party needs a hat.

Some wild flowers.  I didn’t think cookies and real flowers would travel very well together.

A signature cookie.  Just in case she wasn’t sure who sent the cookies.  Yes, I tend to sign things from “me.”  Very discerning.

What about Granddad you ask?  Don’t worry, he gets plenty of cookies all year long.  Cupcakes too.  Not good enough?  Okay, I’ll take him something this week.  I promise.

Happy (belated) birthday Granddad and Jess!  xoxo

PS – Jess is guest blogging later this week.  Yay!  First guest blogger!!!  It’s going to be a good one.  Be on the look out.

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