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Thank you!!!

18 Nov

Thank you to everyone who came out this past Sunday for the Kristina’s Confections and ShaDeeLa Open House.  We had an amazing turnout and I was so excited to meet so many new people.

A HUGE thank you to my best friend, Jess, who spent half of her vacation helping us get the house and the products ready for you all.  She vacuumed, she baked, she washed, she photographed, she flooded… the list goes on and on.  I can’t thank her enough… but I did let her sample a bit throughout the week!  At least it’s a start.

Another big “thank you” to God for making Mr. C (my godson and Jess’s son) so adaptable.  Jess just strapped him on her back and went to work.  He cooed, he giggled, he even helped a little (well, if grabbing for the vacuum cord counts!).

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to my mom for sticking with me until the wee hours of the morning two nights in a row.  And for passing over the small breakdown I may or may not have had.  Just think, in a couple more years, we’ll have this down pat – no late nights, no minor breakdowns.  Then again, what’s the fun in that?!

I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we all did.  And, more importantly, hopefully you found some great gifts and sweet treats for the holiday season!



Photo Credit: all photos taken by Jessica Lighthart… thank you, thank you!

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