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Custom Cuts: Gone Fishin’

12 May

My best friend (and former roomie) Kate needed a hostess gift a few weeks ago.  She was heading to Annapolis for the opening of rockfish season.  She figured food would be a nice touch.

Who am I to disagree with her?  After all, food is great.  For all occasions. 

So we put our heads together and decided on some sugar cookies.  Fish perhaps?

Now, I do not claim to be a fish expert.  In fact, I eat the little guys, I don’t catch ’em.  So, at the risk of offending my fishing friends, I went simple with the fish shapes.  Really simple.

I think they are pretty cute, though.  A little reminiscent of those little cheesy crackers from days long gone.  

And, if the fish aren’t biting, at least you have a cute, cheerful (and delicious, if I may say so myself) cookie to eat!


Custom Cuts: Barnyard Birthday

3 May

I was so excited when AJ contacted to me help out with her Godson’s first birthday.

But then she sent me the invite… and then I was nervous.  She wanted the cookies to match the adorable barnyard invites.  

Eek!  Farm animals?  I managed the birds, but could I do horses, cows, pigs and sheep?  I really wasn’t sure.

So I worked on a game plan.  Okay, it involved breaking down the animals into simple shapes.  Turns out that one art class I took when I was nine did come in handy!

The final product?  Not too shabby.  And I have to say, pretty close to the little animal’s on Mikey’s invite.  

But you’ll have to trust me on this?  Why you ask.

Well, you know, since my computer decided to freeze last night (ensue PANIC) and today it had to be completely deleted and reset.  So that means, I no longer have said invites.  Guess that just means you have to trust me.

Does the sympathy make them even a little cuter?  Perhaps.

Custom Cuts: 30th Birthday Boy

28 Apr

Yesterday, I focused on the fact that I turned 30 this weekend.  I have details and food and a few DIY projects to show you, but I’m still easing into this whole “I’m 30!  Yay!” thing. 

You know what’s a lot easier?  Talking about other people who are 30!

So let’s start with these cookies, a 30th birthday surprise.

I had a lot of freedom when it came to color and design.  I settled on a modern masculine color palette (or at least that’s what I think blues and oranges are) and some traditional birthday icons – candles, balloons, cakes.  You know all those things that just made your 5th birthday.

And, the way I see it, these same items should make your 30th birthday great.  Because 30 is certainly not too old for balloons and candle.  Really, is any age?

Custom Cuts: Cowboy Gus

13 Apr

Granddad loves Westerns.  Mini-series or full-length feature.  New or old.  Seen or unseen.  He loves them all.  If John Wayne is in it, well, that’s like hitting the lotto.

So, I can only imagine how disappointed he would be to find out I had to do a Google search when I was contacted to do these cookies.  See, the soon-to-arrive baby will be loosely named after the main character, Gus, in Lonesome Dove.  (On my behalf, I knew it was a Western.  I just didn’t know much after that.)

Cousin Pam (you remember her from this post, right?), who ordered these cookies for a book club friend, wanted to tie-in the name reference with the cookies.

And so 10 gallon hats were born.

And as a bit of an ode to those Western days, we added stars to the onesies.  Come one, surely Western babies wore cute star adorned onesies.

From what I heard these were a huge hit.  Perhaps, this will inspire me to read Lonesome Dove.  On second, thought, maybe I’ll rent the miniseries and just watch it with Granddad.

Custom Cuts: Vroom… Vroom…

24 Nov

One of my friends from Philadelphia contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I could do some car cookies for his son’s third birthday.  Could I?  Absolutely!

I had a car cookie cutter just waiting to be used.  Plus, with the birthday party scheduled for November 26, it was the perfect way to break out of the Thanksgiving sugar cookie monotony. Blue would be a much appreciated change after being elbow deep in brown, red, orange and yellow royal icing for days.

The theme for the party is Cars.  So we decided on…

red cars, in honor of Lightning McQueen and…

light blue cars, in honor of Sally.

I love how they turned out and am happy to report my friend and his wife received them yesterday… and loved them too!  Phew!

Hopefully they are the perfect addition to what I am sure will be a fabulous 3rd birthday party!!!

Custom Cuts: Baby Boy Blue

4 Nov

Last week was college roommate week here at Kristina’s Confections!  You’ve already seen the thank you basket I put together for my roommate, Cait.

Well, my other college roommate, E, asked me to make some cookies for her cousin who just had her second son.  She thought cookies would be a nice treat for the big brother.  Cookies are much more exciting for a three-year old than flowers or balloons.  Just stating the facts.

In true E fashion, she was very open to colors, design and phrases.  I suggested a navy, light blue and yellow palate.  She was happy with that.

Then we agreed on…

Some onesies.  A great go-to when babies are involved…

A simple congrats…

A welcome to the newest member of the family…

And a special shout out to the big brother.

Now I just hope big brother enjoyed these cookies as much as he’s (hopefully) enjoying the new baby!

Celebrating Emily… and Salter!

23 Sep

My friend Ann hosted a baby shower this weekend for her lovely cousin, Emily, who is expecting John Salter at the end of October.

There wasn’t exactly a theme for the shower, but, if you know Emily, you know “beachy preppy” pretty much embodies every fiber of who she is and who Salter will be.  She has even declared that navy will be Salter’s signature color (who knew babies had signature colors these days?!).

Anyway, the lunch spread was delicious – Ann made homemade chicken salad, shrimp salad, egg salad and orzo salad.  And she bought delicious rolls.  Really delicious rolls (I love bread, so it was worth noting).  It was a perfect combination for a Sunday afternoon.

As for dessert, Ann asked me to make carrot cake  minis (Emily doesn’t like chocolate… I know, what?) and some sugar cookies.  Ann and I discussed a couple of different designs, but after seeing these anchor coasters Ann bought for the shower, I thought they would be great on large medallions.  Ann suggested a monogram (obviously) and so it was set:

And since it was a baby shower, the good ol’ onesie had to make an appearance.  Again, working off the coasters, I decided on these:

Simple. And definitely beachy preppy.

Now the wait is on for the little guy to make his big debut!!!

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