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Give the Gift of Fresh Baked Deliciousness

9 Dec

For the record, I am not neglecting you all.  Rather, holiday orders are keeping me busy… morning, noon, night… midnight too!

But I didn’t want y’all to have to cry another day, since I’m sure that’s what you do when I don’t post something new.

I’m always looking for fun, yet simple gifts for neighbors, co-workers and hostesses.  And, for me, presentation is 75% of the gift (I get it from my mom).

So, I love this gift idea.  I simply took pieces of cinnamon sugar biscotti and placed them in a mason jar (which are very inexpensive and can be found at any large box store).  I then wrapped baker’s twine around the top – you could use raffia, ribbon or even cord – and added a simple gift tag.  Clean and simple and such a great gift.

Of course, wine is alway a good option.  Oh, what about wine and some biscotti!

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