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Custom Cuts: Thank You Cookies Trump Thank You Flowers

2 Nov

A friend of mine – one of my college roommates, in fact – recently contacted me to see if I could help her office out with a thank you basket.  They normally send flowers, but Cait thought “Who wants flowers?  Cookies are so much better!”

After showing a couple of people my blog, it was a go.

Cait and I discussed colors and cookie shapes (is it still “discussed” if it’s through email?  Well, you get the point).  I suggested fall colors.  I know, I’m big on that these days.  But, have you looked outside?  If you live in the mid-Atlantic we are in prime fall leave season, people.  Sorry to my readers in California.  Perpetually green.  Bummer.

Where was I?  Oh, fall colors.  Right.

Then I sent Cait a couple of options for the cookies.  She decided on…

Some fall leaves.  She was obviously looking out her window!

A few houses.  Very appropriate since the basket was for an attorney who helped with the closing of a real estate deal.

And, finally, a couple of large medallions.  To be sure the there was no confusion as to why, to whom or from whom.


I will say, I now understand why cookie basket companies use sticks.  There is clearly not a lot of height differential in my little basket here.  That said, I still think it turned out pretty darn cute.  And I love how the basket mimics the fall feel.

Hopefully they were the perfect thank you.  And who needs flowers when we have these leaves?!?


Custom Cuts: Thank You for Our Special Delivery!

25 Aug

After Jess had the little guy, she asked me to make cookies as a thank you for the labor and delivery nurses.  We decided on a mix of boy onesies and medallions in corresponding colors.

For the onesies, I mimicked the colors I used for the baby shower – blue, green, yellow and white.  I decided to limit the designs to the favorite four:

Charlie - after the beloved Charlie Brown... and my favorite little guy

Classic - stripes, in fact, do work for everyone

Just Like Dad - every little guy needs a suit like dad

Pop's Wagon - reminiscent of your dad's long forgotten station wagon

I love the vintage feel of the designs – reminds me of a time when life was a bit simpler!

And we couldn’t forget to actually say thank you:

These were actually my first custom cuts, so I look at them now and know how I could improve them a bit.  That said, I love the final product… and didn’t hear any cookie monster complaints!!!

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