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Custom Cuts – Elmo!

19 Jul

Please excuse the lightening in this picture.  Early morning packaging means not the best lighting for photography.

Still, I thought you would want to know I made some cookies.  Specifically, I made some Elmo cookies.

I was nervous.  

I just heard that laugh… that Elmo laugh.  Was he mocking me?

I forged onwards.  I knew I could conquer the little red guy in cookie form.  I had to.  I couldn’t disappoint the two-year olds.

In the end?  Well, I think I got the last laugh.


Custom Cuts: Barnyard Birthday

3 May

I was so excited when AJ contacted to me help out with her Godson’s first birthday.

But then she sent me the invite… and then I was nervous.  She wanted the cookies to match the adorable barnyard invites.  

Eek!  Farm animals?  I managed the birds, but could I do horses, cows, pigs and sheep?  I really wasn’t sure.

So I worked on a game plan.  Okay, it involved breaking down the animals into simple shapes.  Turns out that one art class I took when I was nine did come in handy!

The final product?  Not too shabby.  And I have to say, pretty close to the little animal’s on Mikey’s invite.  

But you’ll have to trust me on this?  Why you ask.

Well, you know, since my computer decided to freeze last night (ensue PANIC) and today it had to be completely deleted and reset.  So that means, I no longer have said invites.  Guess that just means you have to trust me.

Does the sympathy make them even a little cuter?  Perhaps.

Custom Cuts: 30th Birthday Boy

28 Apr

Yesterday, I focused on the fact that I turned 30 this weekend.  I have details and food and a few DIY projects to show you, but I’m still easing into this whole “I’m 30!  Yay!” thing. 

You know what’s a lot easier?  Talking about other people who are 30!

So let’s start with these cookies, a 30th birthday surprise.

I had a lot of freedom when it came to color and design.  I settled on a modern masculine color palette (or at least that’s what I think blues and oranges are) and some traditional birthday icons – candles, balloons, cakes.  You know all those things that just made your 5th birthday.

And, the way I see it, these same items should make your 30th birthday great.  Because 30 is certainly not too old for balloons and candle.  Really, is any age?

Say Happy Birthday to Mikey!

16 Mar

This is Mikey.  Well, this is Mikey a few years ago.  Now he’s “Mike” (although, not to me), has a beard and can legally drink.

Mikey’s like my little brother.  His parents, Mark and Kathy (an avid reader and supporter of Kristina’s Confections… hi, Kath!) are my mom’s best friends from high school.  We’re all part of a village.  One big, crazy, fun, supportive, loving village.  Did I mention crazy?

Anyway, this picture was taken back during a time when Mikey wouldn’t leave the house without his “blankie”, which, I should mention, was little more than lint from the dryer (yes, it was that worn).

Just a few years later, this adorable little boy would visit me at Villanova (with Mom and Kathy) and would learn about “the vault” – nuggets of knowledge (read: harmless secrets, but secrets nonetheless) that must never be discussed.  Mikey is still one of the best vault keepers around.

Now, Mikey is in college, probably creating his own “in the vault” memories.  But that’s not for me to discuss.

Boy, time flies.

And another year has passed for Mikey, whose birthday was this past Sunday.  Don’t worry, I Facebook messaged him.  And sent him these treats.  Which should be arriving sometime this afternoon.  Surprise, Mikey!

Hope you had a great, wonderful, fantastic, fun-filled birthday!  xo

Happy Birthday… Cheers to a New Decade!

22 Feb

My friend Caitlin celebrated a birthday recently.  I wanted to give her a little treat to memorialize this special day.  Cookies were in order.

Since it may or may not be a big birthday, I wanted to go with a fun, bold palette.  I think they turned out pretty well.

And I am still slightly obsessed with the candles on the cakes.  Why are they so darn cute?

Custom Cuts: Fall Birthday Boy

20 Oct

Dee, graphic designer extraordinaire and co-conspirator in the Kristina’s Confections origination, needed birthday cookies for a party this weekend.

As a graphic designer, when Dee needs custom cut cookies, she comes to me with a vision – which I love. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming up with my own designs.  But, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s nice when someone does a little of the work for you!

Anyway, the vision was simple – fall colors…

on leaves…

to say “Happy birthday!”…

and to say congratulations too. (There was a lot to celebrate at this one party!)

When they were put all together I thought they looked great and really embodied the essence of fall.

Hopefully the birthday boy agreed!

They Say It’s Your Birthday!

4 Oct

Two of my favorite people had their birthdays on Friday – my Granddad and my best friend Jess (she gets a lot of publicity on this blog).  Don’t worry.  I didn’t forget.  Granddad got a phone call.  Two in fact.  Jess got a text and a Facebook message.  I know, so very personal.

But, I couldn’t ruin the big surprise.  Instead of sending a card (boring), I sent Jess some birthday cookies.  Surprise!

In the package, there was:

A birthday banner.  Just to make sure there was no confusion as to the occasion.

A birthday cake.  I hope she made a good wish on those candles. (Loving those little things.)

Another birthday cake.  This one is fancy and topped off with her age.  Me?  Oh, no.  I’m not 29.  Jess has a husband and a son and a house and two dogs.  She’s much older than me.  (And now I might need to take applications for a new friend.)

A little party hat.  Cause every party needs a hat.

Some wild flowers.  I didn’t think cookies and real flowers would travel very well together.

A signature cookie.  Just in case she wasn’t sure who sent the cookies.  Yes, I tend to sign things from “me.”  Very discerning.

What about Granddad you ask?  Don’t worry, he gets plenty of cookies all year long.  Cupcakes too.  Not good enough?  Okay, I’ll take him something this week.  I promise.

Happy (belated) birthday Granddad and Jess!  xoxo

PS – Jess is guest blogging later this week.  Yay!  First guest blogger!!!  It’s going to be a good one.  Be on the look out.

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