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Charlie’s Trees

30 Nov

I decided quite a while ago that I wanted to go with a completely different color palate for the 2010 Christmas cookies.  And after seeing a cookie in a magazine, I was set on turquoise, red and white.

That said, as I was working on designs, I thought the colors might be too much of a stretch for trees.  After I made the sample set, however, my mom and I agreed – we loved them.

They remind me of the trees in a Charlie Brown Christmas.  No, not the Charlie Brown tree, but rather the other trees that Charlie didn’t like.  The commercial trees.

But, no worries, in today’s world, these are perfectly whimsical and the complete antithesis of commercial!

Trees are large cookies and priced at $45 per dozen, $27.00 per half dozen.  Please indicate if you want one style or an assortment of both styles.

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