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Haunted House

11 Oct

My first haunted house experience was back in middle school.  My friends and I went a couple of times and it was honestly one of the scariest things ever.  Even the boys were screaming (don’t worry, I won’t name names).  I still have nightmares about the chainsaw people.

There was then a haunted corn maze in college.  It was a “stress reliever” for all of us who had to stay during fall break to work on the Special Olympics Fall Festival.  Least helpful stress reliever ever.  (Albeit an unexpected bonding experience!)

Despite my dislike of haunted things in real life, I’m oddly intrigued by edible haunted houses.  (I have a similar fascination with gingerbread houses, but that’s for another day.)  So, it is only natural…

Cookie number three… Haunted House.

The shutters hanging askew.  The leafless tree looming out front.  The menacing ghost keeping watch.

Pretty scary, right?!

Be sure to place your Halloween order by October 24!!!  Any questions, let me know.


All Tangled Up

8 Oct

Halloween cookie number two… Spooky Spider Webs.

When preparing for this year’s Halloween collection, I figured I had to offer at least one of the Halloween trifecta – spider, bat or black cat.  And when put in that company, the surprising winner (to me at least) is spider.  I know.  Who would have thought.  (As a side note, the major loser in this group is bat.  I literally shutter when thinking about bats.  Yup, just shuttered again.)

Anyway, despite spiders being creepy, crawly and, well, just plain gross, I figure I have to appease the people.

Orange Web

Black Web

Purple Web

Besides, when the spiders are on these fabulous (and oh so realistic) webs, I guess they aren’t so bad.

Countdown to Halloween

5 Oct

I’ll be honest, Halloween really isn’t my thing.  My mom, however, is another story.  When I was little, my mom got so excited for Halloween – to make my costume, to dress me up, to put my make-up on.  In fact, when I was the Tin-Man I won first place at a local costume contest (it’s practically an Emmy).  And when I was a witch, my own grandparents didn’t even recognize me.

These days, I just assume have a nice pumpkin ale, perhaps a few candy corns and call it another day.

But, Halloween icons make great sugar cookies.  And people really love sugar on Halloween.  SoKristina’s Confections must oblige.

Over the next few days I’m going to highlight my 2010 Halloween sugar cookie collection.  In case you are wondering, it’s a mere 26 days away.  Frightening, I know!

First up… Happy Little Ghosts.

A classic Halloween icon in delicious edible form.  Instead of being terribly frightening, these little guys (or gals) are quite cute, if I may say so myself.  Think of these as the Casper of Kristina’s Confections!

Stay tuned for two more Halloween cookies. You want a hint?  Okay.  One will have you all tangled up and the other will haunt you for days…

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