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Flavor Focus: Carrot Cake

21 Sep

My Mom’s absolute favorite cake is carrot cake.  My Aunt Dot used to make her one every year for her birthday.  Aunt Dot actually hated doing it – grating the carrots really got to her – but Mom’s a December baby.  You know how that goes.  She had to get something special to outweigh all the negatives of being born a mere twelve days before Jesus.  Carrot cake it was.

When I started Kristina’s Confections I knew I needed a really great carrot cake – not only to appease Mom, but also for all the other carrot cake lovers – and there are plenty out there!

Carrot cake is a funny thing though.  There are a million versions, with all sorts of additions – pineapple, coconut, walnuts, raisins.  For me, I wanted to get back to the classic carrot cake – where the spices and the carrots shine.  So that’s what I did.    This is a back to the basic carrot cake, filled with grated carrots, tons of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg and a touch of vanilla.  And, of course, the classic cream cheese frosting tops it all off.

Aunt Dot is now watching this crazy life from a better view, but I think she’d be pretty impressed with my version of carrot cake.  She would claim hers had an edge, but that’s just family talk.  Mom doesn’t seem to have any complaints.

Perfect pairing: pretty much anytime, with anything!

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