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It Is Easy Being Green

19 Aug

As promised, new sugar cookie designs from my Vermont cookie cutter finds!

The frogs were the ones I was most excited to design – obviously I didn’t wait too long to get to work on them!  I love how they turned out.  The green dots, the little grin and the beady eyes make them so cute.

Don’t they look like they are up to something?

As for the turtles, I was a little skeptical as they were drying (as I am most of the time).  This morning though, I was so excited.  I love the different variations.  The full shell designs have great texture and the polka dot guy is pretty darn cute.

Who wouldn’t love those little smiles?!?

Either design would be great for a little boy’s birthday party.  These would also be fun for spring and summer backyard gatherings.

As always, the cookies can be customized with names, numbers or phrases.

Speaking of… stay tuned for another turtle design.  All I’ll say is “Fear the turtle!”


Flavor Focus: Cookies and Cream

16 Aug

Who doesn’t love vanilla creme sandwiched between two chocolate wafers (well, my mom doesn’t, but she’s just silly)?  Whether your favorite is the classic Oreo, the new-wave Joe Joe or the generic Tuxedo, one bite evokes fond milk and cookie memories.

I figured a cupcake version would be a great addition to the Kristina’s Confections offerings.  So here you go:

Don’t they look delicious?

My version is a delicate vanilla base mixed with chunks of cookie, a cookie crumb cream cheese frosting and, of course, a piece of cookie to top it all off.

What’s my favorite you ask?  You’ll just have to try one to find out!

Perfect pairing: kid crowd pleaser, grown-ups looking to relive their youth, Sunday supper

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